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For a limited time... we're offering these FUN Reading Rewards Book Bucks you can print out and use with your kids to help motivate them to reach their reading goals! Once they earn enough Book Bucks, they can turn them into you for a reward you come up with together.

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Take a peek inside! 

Did you know that most reading programs for kids out there 
haven’t changed in over 30 years?

Yet the way children learn best has changed dramatically.

Hundreds of studies have shown how hands-on, kinesthetic learning is far more powerful for children than the traditional, test-based learning we grew up with.

In fact, it’s been proven that play and enjoyment of the lesson produce a stronger memory event in the brain, helping kids learn faster and remember better.

That’s also why classrooms are evolving to adapt their layout, seating arrangement, and schedules to better support child learning!

So the question is… why haven’t our reading programs changed?

Most programs out there still follow the same boring, repetitive steps:

1. Learn letter and sound combinations
2. Read flash cards with sight words
3. Read paragraphs that use those sight words
4. Write each word 10 times
5. Take a reading test
6. Repeat until they’re successful

The problem with these programs is clear: they’re no fun for kids!

So naturally, they come to dread every reading lesson, get bored and frustrated, and even leave in tears.

No wonder so many parents are struggling with kids that hate reading.

  • It’s a fight to get their kids to even read their 20 minutes a night for homework.
  • Kids drag their feet and parents feel like they have to resort to bribing or even threatening just to get in that little bit each day.
  • Reading has become a battle instead of the adventure, exploration, and wonder we want it to be.

Yet, how can we expect something different when a child’s first exposure to reading is a bland page of text that they are forced to read, over and over again, day after day.

It’s not that kids weren’t excited to learn how to read. It’s that we made it so awful that they lost their interest in reading.

This is exactly what I saw when I was teaching reading in a K-2 elementary school years ago.

I worked with dozens of children across multiple classes and grade levels. 

I was given the reading program that the school had been using for 20 years, and the kids didn’t like it.

One 5-year-old boy I was working with dreaded reading so much he would do just about anything to get out of it.

I tried to be as fun and engaging as I could as a person, but when I told him one day we had to read at least one page of his reader before we could do anything else, he turned to me with big tears in his eyes and said, “I thought you were my friend.” 😥

I was heartbroken. How could reading, something I loved so much, be so painful, so awful for this child. What were we missing?

There had to be a better way to teach kids to read.

I went home that weekend on a mission to find a way to take the pain out of learning to read, to make it playful, fun, and something kids actually enjoyed.

Over the years, with the help of educators with more than 40 years of teaching experience, I developed an all new way to learn to read.

Based on phonics, kids become master readers and spellers, able to decode and read all kinds of complex words…

While playing with blocks, beads, playdough, action figures, and other toys they love.


Play to Read - Planning Playtime

An easy to use step-by-step, play-based, phonetic lessons that will teach your child to read and spell like a pro without making them cry.

The perfect learn-to-read program for kids who find repetition boring and love to play - delivered directly to your email inbox, ready to print and use today!

Your child will

  • Learn to read and decode nearly all short-vowel, single-syllable words.
  • Avoid tears of frustration from boring, repetitious lessons
  • Identify spelling patterns and master phonetic rules
  • Increase speed and accuracy in their reading
  • Gain confidence to begin reading short books and stories from the library

What’s Inside the Play-to-Read Reading Program

A digital download program you can print at home and begin using right away!

Unit 1:

Two Letter Blends

In unit 1 your child will learn to take two letter sounds and blend them together. This is the first step in helping your child become an excellent reader.

Unit 2:

Three Letter Blends (or CVC Words)

In unit 2 your child is ready to start reading real words. They will learn to read and decode three letter words (often called CVC or consonant - vowel - consonant words) which are the basic building blocks for learning to read.

Unit 3:

Tricky Consonant Combinations (Digraphs)

In unit 3 your child will master tricky consonant combinations like ‘ch,’ ‘sh,’ ‘th,’ and more.

Unit 4:

Making Longer Words (Adding Ending Consonant Blends)

In unit 4 your child will expand their word bank by learning to use two and three letter word ending blends.

Unit 5:

Making Longer Words II (Adding Beginning Consonant Blends)

In unit 5 your child will continue to build word complexity by learning to add two letter consonant blends to the beginning of their words.

Unit 6:

Adding On (Longer Beginning Consonant Blends)

In unit 6 they go a step further and learn how to use 3 syllable consonant blends at the beginning of their words.

Limited Time Bonus

For a limited time... we're offering these FUN Reading Rewards Book Bucks you can print out and use with your kids to help motivate them to reach their reading goals! Once they earn enough Book Bucks, they can turn them into you for a reward you come up with together.

Value - $33

Free for a limited time!


Bonus #1

Master the Alphabet

Learn and master the alphabet letters and their sounds so learning to read will be easy peasy.

Bonus #2

What is my Child’s Reading Level?

Quickly identify where your child is at and their reading level so you can easily find the correct books for them to read at the library.

Bonus #3

When to Move Ahead Assessment Pack

Not too fast... Not too slow.... Become an expert at listening for signs that your child is ready to move faster or that it’s time to slow down and review some skills a bit more.

Bonus #4

Don’t Just Read Words: Comprehension Tips and Tricks

Become a pro at knowing what to ask, how to ask it, and when with these amazing quick tips from an experienced teacher.

Our Learn To Read In 4 Weeks Or It’s FREE Guarantee

If your child is not able to read 3 letter words at the end of the 4 weeks...

Or... If our hands-on, packed full of play, reading program doesn’t get your child excited to learn

Or... If Play To Read doesn't make teaching your child to read an adventure

Then we insist on giving your money back. It's that simple!

All you need to do to get your guarantee is to email me directly at within 30 days from purchase date and let us know it didn’t work and we will simply refund you every penny!

but honestly, if you implement the program, you’ll probably want to email me a big THANK YOU instead 😉

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is everything available immediately?

Yes. Play to Read is digital download and you will get instant access to all of the activity plans and bonuses.

  • What age should I start this program?

Because it is so play-based you can start this program as young as age three. We recommend that your child know many of their letter sounds before they start as that will make the reading process much easier.

  • How much time is required?

We recommend 10-15 minutes a day. Try for 3-5 days a week if you can. The more consistent you are, the faster they will pick up the skills. The great news is that this program is so fun your kids may just be bringing it to you and asking for their reading practice each day.

  • How fast can I expect to see results?

Kids start reading real words in about two weeks with this program. Within a couple of months they are reading many single syllable, short vowel sound words.

  • I’m not a teacher. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. This product was MADE for moms by moms and teachers. It has quick and easy video instructions to help you know how to teach, how to know when to move faster or slower, and tips on how to encourage fluency and comprehension.

  • What supplies do I need for this program?

Most of the supplies we use will be in your kitchen, craft closet, or toy box. You can use exactly what we used or substitute it out with similar items you already have on hand. You'll also need a printer in order to print the pages or you can send it to a print shop.

  • Can I share this with a friend?

Copyright laws do not allow you to share these printables with your friends. However, you are welcome to share this hidden page with them and invite them to be your Play to Read accountability buddies.

  • What if it’s not what I expect?

We have an amazing guarantee. Just let us know within 30 days from purchase date and we will give you all of your money back.

"This program is pure gold. It takes out all the guesswork on how to teach your child to read. The instructions are super helpful so you know exactly what to do. The hands - on activities keep children engaged and excited to learn how to read. Thank you for this game changing program!"

The Play to Read Program

** This program will be delivered to you digitally. You can download and print from home to begin using immediately! Nothing will be mailed to your home.**

  • Easy to teach Step-by-Step, Play-Based Phonics Lessons (Value - Your Child's Reading Future)
  • Leveled Reading Passages to Practice Phonics in Real Text (Value - Your Child's Reading Mastery)
  • Short Training Videos to Show You How to Teach Each Unit (Value - Your Sanity)
  • Completion Certificates to Celebrate Your Child's Progress Along the Way (Value - Your Child's Confidence)
  • BONUS: Mastering the Alphabet Bundle   (Value $27)
  • ​BONUS: What is my Child's Reading Level?  (Value $5)
  • BONUS: When to Move Ahead Assessment Pack (Value $47)
  • ​BONUS: Don’t Just Read Words: Comprehension Tips and Tricks (Value $97)

Limited Time Bonus

For a limited time... we're offering these FUN Reading Rewards Book Bucks you can print out and use with your kids to help motivate them to reach their reading goals! Once they earn enough Book Bucks, they can turn them into you for a reward you come up with together.

Value - $33

Free for a limited time!

Total Value ($422)

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 Play to Read program!

Are you ready for an amazing Learning-to-Read Experience?

Listen, you know the value of teaching your child to read. You know it is the key building block to all future learning they will do in school and throughout their life. Don’t risk them hating it because of long, boring, repetitive lessons. Learning to read doesn’t have to be something to cry about.

Turn reading time into your child’s favorite time of the day, playtime. 

Help them associate reading with fun, bonding time with mom they actually look forward to and ask for instead of dread.

Not only that, but because of the powerful phonetic component to this program you can sleep easy at night knowing your child is quickly setting themselves up to be in both the top reading and spelling groups at school.

Let’s get started!

Amy N.

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